We are excited to be able to provide state of the art CEREC technology here at Crown Cottage. This amazing piece of technology allows our fully qualified dentists to restore your teeth in one visit!

These all ceramic restorations can be created in about an hour.

  • Do you want highly aesthetic fillings, crowns and veneers created and placed during a single visit?
  • Would you prefer no temporaries and no impressions?
  • Do you prefer metal free, biocompatible materials?

All this is now possible thanks to CEREC. These ceramic restorations can be created and placed during a single appointment.

The CEREC treatment procedure:

  1. After removing the decay or the defective amalgam we create a 3D image of the tooth with the aid of the CEREC camera
  2. The restoration is designed on the computer using CAM/CAD technology
  3. The CEREC milling unit machines the restoration out of a ceramic block
  4. The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth

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