You may have heard a lot about dental implants and be unsure about what they are and whether they can work for you.

Implants are titanium posts that are anchored into your jawbone, they are stable, totally safe, tried and tested and with the right care can last a life time.

At Crown Cottage we offer a range of dental implant solutions including mini implants and a new, revolutionary system called “All on 4” which can replace a whole set of teeth in just one day.

Give us a ring or speak to Katy, our Treatment Coordinator at your next check up. Implants could revolutionise your life!

So how are they fitted?
Initially they are left into the jaw for around six months to ensure they fuse with your jaw bone, a process called osseointegration.

Following this assimilation the implant can be then be restored, in one of two broad ways:

To replace individual teeth:
The implant has a crown fitted on top to produce a totally natural replacement tooth. Implants can also be used as an anchor point for dentures or bridges to ensure a fixed, stable base.

To replace several teeth:
A whole mouthful of teeth can be replaced with implants strategically placed and then restored with bridges or dentures. See denture stabilization.

We offer various payment plans to help. (Full assessment detailing options, treatment and costs for £250. This is non-refundable.)